Iowa Basketball: Hawkeye Men Ready For Starters Final Tuneup Before B1g Season

Stone faced and steely eyed, Madison Bumgarner was crowned the youngest left-handed pitcher ever to throw eight scoreless innings in a World Series game. Your Giants 4-0 win in Game 4 in Arlington last Halloween, the 21-year-old from Hickory, N.C. looked the a part of a grizzled pro instead of someone who began this years year more than Fresno Grizzlies.

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Suffice to say, Metro won't must worry about pulling back against Miller Career Academia. Quite the contrary. Glasscock just hopes that his club is ready for the woman Phoenix, who don't have a dominant player like Miller, but havea depth of quality players: junior Braennan Farrar is averaging 16.1 points per game and they have 44 steals, Zhanesha Dickerson is averaging 13.8 points per game and Abrelyn Rackley is averaging 16.6 points and 4.0 rebounds.

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